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Changing the Texture of Your Hair

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Perms, or permanent waves,  can be used to add movement and texture to straight hair or hair with curls which aren't uniform around the head. It's not unusual for a woman, or a man, to have sections of hair with wave and curl while some sections don't have much texture at all. Depending on the rod size, placement, and length of hair, a perm can create tight curls, bouncy curls or loose waves all over the head.

Soft Curly Perms

Perms can be also used to relax and reshape tight curls and coils into loopy curls, thus the name soft curly perm. The perm solution first helps relax the natural curl pattern, then the hair is reshaped into different size curls. Whether I'm adding curls or softening them, today's perms are move about technique than formulation. The key is selecting the right sized rods and varying the placement and direction of the curls to create a natural look all around the head. 

Body Waves

Body waves add volume and help your hair hold a style. After a body wave, the hair might look curly or wavy when wet but once combed out or blown dry, the hair isn't as visibly curly. But the hair has more volume, more guts to hold a style, even if straightening.

Perm Removal

If you're tired of your perm or unhappy with an at home perm, you don't have to wait for it to grow out. It is possible to reverse a perm in the salon. Because this involves another chemical treatment, this should only be attempted at the salon after I've had a chance to assess your hair with a strand test.

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Relaxer Treatments

Chemical relaxers are a permanent hair straightening treatment. Relaxers can be performed on the entire head or just on new growth if you hair has been previously relaxed.  If I've never done a relaxer on you before, I'll want to discuss your previous relaxer history during your initial consultation. I want to hear about your experience, which brands you've tried and how your hair responded. If I need to, I will research different relaxers and call upon my colleagues in the hair industry to find the best suited relaxer for your hair.  There are also many smoothing alternatives in the market today if you are not ready for the permanent results of a full relaxer treatment.

Book a Consultation for a Perm or Relaxer Treatment

All of my hair reconstruction services require that we meet for a consultation and a strand test. Perms and relaxers are considered safe but they are a chemical treatment. A strand test will give me your hair's history, assure me that your is strong enough for the treatment and help me determine which type of formula I should use.

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