Ismael Marrufo, Authentic New Mexico Hair Stylist in Albuquerque

An award-winning hair stylist, Izzy understands New Mexican hair and our beautiful blend of ancestry including Native American, Asian, Spanish and African.

  • Izzy Marrfuo Hair Stylist AlbuquerqueExpertise in cutting/styling ethnic hair types, mixed hair types, hair with lots of curls, coils and loops
  • Top hairdresser for African American hair
  • Barber for African American and textured hair
  • Expert colorist for lightening deep and dark hair
  • Expert in keratin smoothing for customizing Brazilian Blowout results for highly textured hair.

As a master stylist, Izzy recognizes that New Mexico's hair types are unique and don't always mirror the lighter and finer European hair types shown in magazines. New Mexico's hair has a beautiful blend of ancestry including Native American, Asian, Spanish and African. As a hair stylist in Albuquerque, Izzy has built a reputation for his ability to adapt hair color and styling techniques to bring out the best in curly or highly textured hair. Although Izzy works with ALL hair types, he has lots of experience working with ethnic hair types and hair of mixed ethnicity. He is a maestro when it comes to highlights and blonding, and can handle complex color changes and extreme lifting on naturally dark brown or black hair.

If you are searching for a hairstylist who knows how to cut curly hair, book an appointment in Izzy's Chair.

Izzy has lots of experience cutting and styling hair that is wavy, curly or coily.  He understands how curly hair behaves and adapts his cutting technique accordingly. If your stylist doesn't understand how to cut curly hair the right way, you could end up with hair that's shorter than you expected, or hair with too much pouff. But when it comes to curly hair, it's not about length or volume...Izzy knows how to give your curly hair shape.  After a haircut with Izzy your hair will feel light, your curls will look glorious.  And like a good curly haircut should, your style will look fresh for a long time with an effortless grow-in. Curly hair clients get an education during their haircut with Izzy. He explains what he's doing and why it makes a difference. After all, he's not just giving a haircut, he's bringing your natural curl patterns back to life. He'll show you what type of products and techniques to use at home for easy styling.

Ismael Marrufo graduated from The Olympian Academy of Cosmetology with honors in 2012. After going through many types of education and assisting other hair dressers, Ismael realized his passion for bringing out the inner beauty of each individual and giving back to the community through the art of hair design. He has donated his time and talents to many local charities and events such as Girl's Night Out, Highway Cleanup, Urban Trash Fashion Show, The Ronald McDonald House, and many more.

  • Izzy is an AlfaParf Milano Color Educator and collaborates on new hair color techniques
  • As a creative stylist, he is a part of the booming film industry here in Albuquerque
  • His French Updos are legendary. He once took 1st Place in a bridal competition with his signature upstyle.
  • He also excels at hair extensions, perms and texture treatments, and men's grooming

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