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There are very few natural blondes in New Mexico. But if you have level 3 hair - how hair stylists refer to the darkest shades of brown - don't let anyone tell you that you can’t go platinum. Custom lightening and blonding are my top areas of expertise and I’ve mastered the extreme lift, even on virgin hair. It takes time, but if you approach blonde hair as a process, you'll enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

The Best Tools for the Job

Professional Hair Bleaches. When it comes to lighteners, I prefer Schwarzkopf, especially when working with the darkest brown and black hair colors. The Schwarzkopf professional lighteners are extra conditioning which means I can let you process a little bit longer, and that helps me get maximum lift out of the session.

Bond Builders. For hair strengthening and repair, my go-to bond builder is The Hair Supporter by Alfaparf. Designed to repair broken or weak bonds during the chemical process, it’s the same concept as Olaplex but it’s more conditioning. And that is super important in my world because of all the extreme lifting and color correction that I do. The Hair Supporter is designed to work with the Alfaparf color line, although I can mix it with other color lines. For someone who always wants to be as blonde as possible, adding a bond building treatment can really make a difference in the strength and integrity of the hair.

Highlights and Lowlights, Dimensional Blonde Hair

Highlights are a few shades lighter than your base color and are a great way to give hair a multi tonal effect. Add interest to brunette or black hair colors with warm caramel shades or honey toned highlights. Lowlights are colors used to darken lighter hair colors and are typically only a few shades darker than your base color, though they make an impact when it comes to creating depth in your color.

If you have highlights and like to wear your hair up, I recommend a full head of highlights so that the sun-kissed color is even throughout. I could do a partial highlight in between full highlights in order to touch up color on top and around the crown. If you feel you need more brightness around the face, then some accent foils, just a handful of foils around the face, will do the trick.

Shadow Root Blonde

Some clients don't like their highlights to be so visible on the top of the head, they prefer a shadow root look. The rooted look is super lived-in with more base color showing around the crown. I can achieve this look with a demi-permanent hair color, called a a root smudge.

Root Smudge

A root smudge service is not the same as a root touch up! After adding foil highlights, I can create a blended effect especially at the top of the head by applying color to just the roots.

Money Piece Highlights

Money Piece highlights add a bright frame of blonde around the face. It's an easy way to freshen up your look without a lot of fuss because the front hairline is what’s most noticeable. If you tend to go 3+ months in between your full highlights, try coming in for some money piece face framing foils to keep your hair from looking grown out and brassy!


It's the best of foil highlights and balayage. Using foils to wrap up balayage sections of hair gives extra lifting time, as the foils slow the dry time of the lightening agent. More lift means lighter and brighter.


It's the look of balayage but using a foil technique. In order to focus highlights on mid to ends, sections of hair are teased before lightener is applied.


Babylights mimic the subtle, multi dimensional hair color seen on children’s hair. Babylights are natural looking and a low maintenance color option. They work best on fine hair and can be applied to any hair color or length of hair, highlighting delicate slices of hair especially around the hairline and natural parting.

Balayage Highlights, Blonde Balayage

Also referred to as hand painted highlights, balayage gives natural, subtle-looking highlights. Balayage is a highlighting technique which uses a specific type of lightener and an exact application for soft, sun-kissed hair color that lightens gradually toward the ends. Balayage requires a more customized approach. Because of the exact placement of the highlights, balayage has a way of brightening and contouring the face. It is low maintenance, meaning fewer visits to the salon for a hair color service. Plus, balayage is not just for blondes! It can look sensational with all hair colors including bright fashion shades and pastel colors.

Ombre Hair Color

Balayage and ombre hair are often confused but they are different. Think of it this way- balayage is a technique, ombre hair is a look. Ombre hair is about that contrast from root to tip, gradually changing from one color to another. A new take on the ombre trend is the color melt. In a color melt, usually three or more colors are used, and they typically come from the same color family to optimize the blending. Although any color palette can be used in a color melt, the most important part of the color melt is that the colors should seamlessly blend into each other with no line whatsoever.

Bleach and Tone: All Over Blonde

In contrast to highlights, all over blonding means just that. I am lightening the entire head, not just accent pieces. There are a few different ways I can perform an all over blonding service. Depending on your hair type and condition, I could do a bleach and tone which is an on-scalp bleaching process. The alternative is off-scalp, known as a Platinum Card.

Platinum Card Hair Blonding Technique

The Platinum Card is an all-over blonding service performed with the help of foils. I brush lightener onto every strand of hair and wrap each section in foil. This minimizes direct contact between the bleaching agent and your scalp and allows me to take a client with darker hair to a platinum blonde. The foils slow the dry time of the lightener, which gives us more lifting time. The longer the lightener is still wet, the longer it stays active.

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Stacy Rice
Ismael is so very professional and really listens to you and strives to give you what you ask for. I have been very satisfied and pleased with every hair appointment. HIGHLY recommend
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Ismael is my hair dresser and he is amazing! My hair looks like a TV commercial!
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Donna T
Izzy has won my total confidence and 100% satisfaction. I will never go any where else...Thanks Izzy, you are by far the awesomist hair guru!!!!

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