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Whether you are planning a new haircut, having trouble styling your hair, or looking for a total transformation with hair color or even hair extensions, get an outside opinion from a local pro! Consultations are free and take about 20-30 minutes. Sit in Izzy's Chair, discuss your hair concerns and ideas, show pictures and get honest feedback from an industry professional.  To book a free consultation, please send me a request using the form below. I will respond with available dates and times.

FREE Hair Extensions Consultation

If you're curious about hair extensions, especially if you've never worn extensions, it's important to do your homework. There are different types of hair and various ways the hair can be attached to your natural hair. The choices you make will impact how you will take care of it, how long they will last, and most importantly, the cost.  A free hair extensions consultation is a great place to start. I will assess your hair type and condition, ask about the look you desire, and talk to you about the appropriate options for YOU. Once I can determine the type of extensions, length, density and amount of hair needed, I'll be able to give you an exact quote for the service.

FREE Hair Color Consultation

A new hair color is exciting, but should be approached with eyes wide open. Before making any hair color changes, especially ones involving extreme lifting and hair color correction services, I like to know your hair's history. I want to know everything...the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that includes color services, keratin treatments, relaxers or perms whether performed in a salon or at home. Knowing your hair's history of chemical services, whether recent or not, will help me determine the best path to your goal. That's why do a simple analysis in my color lab.  I call it a Strand Test, and I perform during my hair color consultations.

The Strand Test

A Strand Test is a chemical analysis I perform on a tiny sample of your hair. There is no additional charge for a strand test. This is a brief appointment where I bleach a tiny piece of your hair.  I’ll be able to read the history of past chemical services; all will be revealed by the way your hair lightens and how it behaves during the test. I’ll also be able to determine the current strength of your hair. If I suspect your hair is in a delicate state, I’ll adjust how we approach your color service, even if that means breaking our plan into phases to give your hair a chance to rebuild in between appointments.

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