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Let's talk about hair color fails and the need for hair color correction. Don't worry, I don't judge.  As a stylist and a hair color educator, trust me when I say I've seen it all. If your hair color needs an intervention, I can help. Perhaps a DIY color job has gone disastrously wrong, or you’re disappointed with the results of a color service from another salon. With years of training and experience on literally thousands of heads, I understand hair color's chemical process and rely on a Strand Test to help me navigate even the trickiest color situations.

My goal is to restore your hair color and prevent unnecessary damage during the process.

Do you need Hair Color Correction?

Just because you're overdue for a color appointment doesn't mean you need hair color correction.  But you may need some color fixing! If your blonde hair looks blorange or over processed, I can dial it down a notch.

Here are a few common hair color problems:

5F227E0F B1F6 4879 B22E C0C5629DD567Bleeding highlights: If your colorist didn't use proper technique for wrapping the foils, you could end up with what I call "sun spots." Bright patches of hair where the lightener bled onto other sections of hair.

Brassy blonde hair color:  Hair that is improperly bleached or bleached hair that is overexposed to the sun can turn orange. I can correct brassy tones by first trying a toner to neutralize yellow or orange tones.

Flat, dark hair color:  A drug store box dye disaster can result in an unnatural, shoe polish looking hair color. Repeated use of box dyes can leave you with patchy results or tell-tale bands of color. I can lift out unwanted color and/or add highlights or lowlights to create the look of natural dimension.

Bleach damaged hair:  Only an expert should apply chemicals to your hair in order to avoid burning, breakage or serious damage to the length and condition of your hair during the lightening process. When it comes to reversing hair damage or preventing further damage, I prefer is The Hair Supporter by Alfaparf and I can apply this treatment in the salon.

Home hair color gone wrong:  If you used a home hair color kit and you don't look like the model on the box, please book a consultation. Using a combination of all-over color, highlights, lowlights, a toner or color gloss, I can blend in harsh colors and offset unwanted shades.

If your hair color needs help, book a consultation.

It can be tempting to try a quick fix for a hair color disaster, but this can sometimes make the problem worse.  Please request a consultation and I will get you in as soon as possible.

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