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Human Hair Extensions |  Custom Color for Hair Extensions

I have worked with many types of hair extensions and have witnessed first hand the most important thing. There is no such thing as a universal hair extension, perfectly suited for every hair type and texture. But that's the beauty of today's assortment of hair extensions. They are produced in a variety of textures, colors, effects, and densities so that they can be easily blended in with your natural hair, whether you have fine straight hair or thick curly hair. I can color match your hair and start with a shade range that is as close as possible to the color you want, and I can further customization if necessary.

Some of Izzy's Clients with Hair Extensions

I work with all different lengths, styles and textures of hair. Before deciding the best type of extensions for a client, I consider all factors. Hair thickness, lifestyle... even factors like dry vs oily. My selection of hair extensions covers all the bases:  

  • Hand Tied Wefts with a Beaded Row
  • MicroBead Extensions (Fusions)

Brands I Work With:

  • Bellami Extensions
  • Donna Bella Extensions
  • Bombshell Extensions
  • Kovi Extensions
  • Laced Extensions

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions, Beaded Rows

Hand Tied Extensions are wefts of hair which are attached with a sew-in application using a waterfall beaded row technique. I recommend Hand Tied Extensions for anyone who wants to add a lot of volume or length, or with hair that tends to be oily.

  • Highly customizable with different densities
  • Available in straight, wavy and curly textures
  • Lengths from 14" to 24"
  • Hair can be re-applied up to 5 times
  • 6 months of total wear

Waterfall Beaded Row Technique (WBR)

The waterfall beaded row technique is inspired by a waterfall braid. I connect a cascading channel of beads using your natural hair as the string, then sew a weft of hair onto each bead. This method gives me lots of flexibility over the placement of the beads vs a classic beaded row method which uses pre-strung, pre-spaced beads.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Also called i-link or microlink extensions or fusion  extensions, this strand-by-strand method attaches to the hair with a tiny bead and a small crimping tool. Micro bead extensions may not be the latest buzz word, but they are very worthy! They are great for an active lifestyle. They're durable, wearable and require less daily detangling than other methods and they're ideal when adding lots of hair. If you tell me you want that long, flowing, mermaid hair, I might suggest we go with microbeads!

  • Tons of pre-colored options
  • Available in straight, wavy and curly textures
  • Lengths 16", 18" and 22"

I use the Donna Bella line, made with 100% human Remy hair.

How much do hair extensions cost?

There are a lot of variables with hair extensions, which is why I offer a free consultation. My hair extensions services are priced upon consultation. The total cost of your hair extensions has two parts; the cost of the hair and the cost of the installation

The cost of the hair varies by brand, and will depend on the type of hair you need, the length, the density, and how much. I can color match your hair and order your hair extensions for you. If I need to further color or lighten your extensions before they are installed, an additional fee will apply.

Hair extensions installation services start at $350. For an exact price, please start with a consultation, below.

Free Hair Extensions Consultation

If you're new to hair extensions, come in for a free consultation. We can talk about your hair and style you want, which will help us determine the best approach. Your hair type, desired style and current length are big determining factors when it comes to selecting the right type of hair extensions for you.

While you're here, we can give you an estimate for the service. Pricing varies depending on the brand and technique used, and the amount of hair needed. There is no charge for a hair extensions consultation but a credit card will ultimately be required to secure your appointment.

Request a hair extensions consultation by submitting a consultation form below. An alert will come directly to us and we'll contact you with some available dates and times.

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