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Curly Haircut & Style Tips from Izzy's Chair, Hair Stylist in Albuquerque

If you have a lot of texture in your hair, you know how important it is to find a stylist who understands your hair. If nature gave you a head full of curls and kinks, don't let anyone convince you that you have pelo malo! There's no such thing as bad hair...only a bad haircut! If your stylist doesn't understand how to cut curly hair the right way, you could end up with hair that's shorter than you expected, or hair with too much volume.

The Curly Haircut

What's the best way to cut curly hair? It depends on your natural curl type and pattern. When it comes to a curly haircut, it's not about length's about giving your curly hair a shape. I have extensive training on how to cut curly and textured hair, and being a local stylist and ABQ native, I get a lot of practice.

I use a different cutting technique depending on how much texture and curl you have. Cutting curly hair is quite different than cutting straight hair. Styling and finishing products also need to be adapted. Straight hair may need body, but textured hair needs shape.  After a haircut in Izzy's Chair, your hair will feel light and your curls will look glorious. And like a good curly haircut should, your style will look fresh for a long time with an effortless grow-in.

I am trained and certified in the Deva Curl technique as well as the Aveda curly cutting technique. I might use one or the other, or I might combine the two philosophies to bring your curls to life-without sacrificing length.

Styling Products for Curly Hair

I go above and beyond to find the best products for my clients with curly hair. It's not about pushing the products that I love...if you found a product that works wonders for you, I want to know about ! I find it, work with it and if think it will help my other curly hair clients, I'll spread the word.  Are you at a loss for which products to use at home? I'll show you some styling products that will make a difference on your hair. If I don't have one that works for you in the salon, I'll hunt around until I find one.

Curly Hair Styling Lesson

If you have textured hair and struggle with your style, come in for a styling lesson. I want you to embrace your natural curls! When you book a hair tutorial session, we'll do a styling session with a shampoo, blowout, products and a lot of talking along the way. We don't have to do any cutting unless you want to incorporate a styling lesson with a haircut. My clients who book a hair tutorial, no matter their hair type, always leave my chair feeling enlightened!

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