Balayage Hair Color at Izzy's Chair in Albuquerque

Balayage, or hand painted highlights, is a popular highlighting technique used for adding subtle brightness while maintaining dimension. I am well trained in the balayage technique and can create those gorgeous, lived-in blonde looks that you're seeing on Pinterest.  

What is Balayage?

Sure, most people get that balayage is a highlighting technique but they're surprised to learn that the lightener I use is different than what I use for foil highlights. And so is my placement. Balayage is all about recreating an effortless look where the brightness is subtle, gradually increasing towards the ends of the hair. Notice in the example pics below how with foil highlights, the lightness starts at the root and extends to the ends. With balayage, the lightness might only start at the mid section at the jawline for a contouring effect.

Balayage Works on Everyone

Balayage is so popular for a number of reasons. It lifts the complexion, it's low maintenance, and it works on every hair color. Because of the custom placement of the highlights, the technique has a way of brightening and contouring the face. And because there is no obvious regrowth line, you need fewer visits to the salon for touch ups. Balayage is not just for blondes! It can look sensational with all hair colors including bright fashion shades and pastel colors.

What is Foilayage?

A form of balayage, foilayage incorporates foil to boost the lifting and brightness. Foilayage is lighter, brighter and faster. Depending on the hair type, I might prefer the extra control I get using the foils.

Balayage Placements vs Foil Highlights

The final look of these two services is different mainly because placement. Foil highlights are created by taking slices of the hair, weaving a micro section of it, then covering it with lightener from root to tip. Balayage highlights are created by taking larger slices of hair, then stroking on color from midway to the tip, but not in a solid stroke. I apply lightener depending on how the hair moves and how light reflects off of it. The technique requires an artistic eye.

Is Balayage the Same as Ombre Hair Color?

The two are similar, but different. balayage is a technique, ombre hair is a look.  Ombre hair is about that deliberate gradation from root to tip, changing from one color to another.

What is a Color Melt?

A form of ombre, a color melt is a creative blending of three or more colors, often from the same color family to enhance the blended look. Although any color palette can be used in a color melt, the most important part of the color melt is that the colors should seamlessly blend into each other.

Reverse Balayage

Instead of lightening up your hair with sweeping highlights, a reverse balayage adds darker strands for sweeping dimension. If you're looking for a bright blonde alternative, reverse balayage will re-introduce contrast and depth into blonde or lightened hair.

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